About Us

About Us

Alwaha Eatery was established in 2012. The Alwaha family are renowned for our love of food and our passion to entertain.

It was this obsession with food that laid the foundation for establishing Eatery. Our central motto was to indulge our dear customers with quality food from the finest fresh ingredients sourced daily from well known growers and grocers.

He arrived in Australia in the late 60’s with a dream to succeed in the “lucky country down under”, Australia. Initially he worked in factories and then eventually opening the Middle Eastern family business with his two siblings, the well-known ‘Abu Hussein Mixed Business’.

You can say our passion for food is in our genes, which comes from our amazingly humanitarian late father, Abu Hussein. In turn, his passion of food came from his late mother. Our late father had always dreamt of establishing a restaurant, after the success of running the grocery store for over 30 years.
Abu Hussein constantly had a desire to achieve and aimed to further himself and his family. Hence, the goal of opening a restaurant. Sadly, after his passing, we as his children made it our goal to achieve and fulfil his dream, that transpired and came into light as ‘Alwaha Eatery’.

Our ultimate belief is love of food should be shared with and enjoyed by our customers, which tantalises their taste-buds. Alwaha Eatery customers can experience our cultured love of food, through the wide menu range we offer. The Alwaha Eatery menu is constantly being tested and developed for a mouth-watering culinary journey.