1What locations can i find your restaurants?
Currently, we have South Granville
2Is your food Halal?
All food served at Alwaha Eatery is from Halal Certified Suppliers
3How can I book a table?
Please visit our bookings page to make a reservation at any of our restaurants
4Do you offer vegetarian items on the menu?
Sure, we have a variety of vegetable dishes. Please see our menu with a large selection of Vegetarian and Vegan options.
5Do you serve Gluten free food?
Yes, please see our gluten free menu.
6What time do you open and close?
We work from Monday to Sunday. From 4pm to 2am
7Do you have a function room?
Yes we have a function room in Greenacre that can cater for upto 120 guests.
8Do you offer catering services?
Absolutely! We have a catering and waiter rental services. You can read more about it in our Catering section of the website.
9Can you join the tables for me if my party size exceeds 8-guest seats per table?
Sure. But we would appreciate if you can book your make an online booking in advance.